Upper Room

Upcoming Special Event: Young Adults New Year’s Eve Semi Formal Dance

Click on the Young Adults tab for more information & to purchase tickets.

Join us on Friday nights:

Just as the apostles encountered the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room and were equipped for evangelism, we invite you to encounter the Holy Spirit in Christ the King Church’s Upper Room.


Inspired by Acts 2:42-43, every Friday night* features:

5:30 pm Mass

6:30 pm Dinner and Fellowship

Bring your dinner and enjoy fellowship in the Bishop Mengeling Room in the church.

6:30 pm Classes

        Our next classes will be announced in January 2015.

7:45 pm Praise & Worship (formerly called “Prayer Meeting”)

All are welcome to praise and worship Our Lord with song, listen to Him, receive prayer ministry, and exercise the charismatic gifts!

*There will be no Upper Room dinner or Praise & Worship on Dec. 26.

For more information about Upper Room, call Christ the King’s main office at 734-665-5040 or email UpperRoom@ctkcc.net.

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